Google’s New Toy – Search Based Keyword Tool

If you think you have all your keywords pegged – perhaps you should think again. Google’s new keyword tool called the Search Based Keyword Tool will soon tell you what keywords you are potentially missing from your Adwords account.

You can also check your competitors to see what keywords they are not maximizing. In fact you see data about keywords that relevant to any website on the internet.

Google are no doubt hoping that if you can can find more keywords that convert you may spend a little more on advertising so increasing Google’s own revenue.

It is still in Beta (what isn’t these days), the tool is easy to use and from personal observations, fairly accurate – it is certainly an eye-opener when you start to look at your own sites.

The information isn’t really new. If you use Google analytics you will see similar information in the keywords list – however, that list doesn’t come with a cost per click. It will certainly come in handy when fine tuning your keyword research.

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