Zone Of The Enders HD Collection – Review (PS3, 360)

written by Lucas Sharnfold on 1.12.12 zone-of-the-enders

Zone of the Enders HD Collection is finally out and I have to say it is a stellar collection that fans of the franchise should check out. Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece has been upgraded with great HD graphics and new opening cinematics that makes the game seem brand new. The game has a great storyline, looks great in HD but, suffers from repetitiveness and inconsistencies in transitions from cinematic and mission variety.

Zone of the Enders has you playing the role of Leo Stenbuck piloting the the orbital frame Jehuty in a space colony that is under siege from an enemy that is looking for this orbital frame to use for their own evil endeavours. Now, Zone of the Enders 2 has you piloting the same frame Jehuty, but the only difference in this title is that the man character is no longer a young pubescent boy, but a man named Dingo Egret. The story in each of these games are what you can expect from a game made by Hideo Kojima. The games are very story heavy and provide much action to keep gamers entertained while playing the game. Its a story that will keep you engulfed and guessing at the same time trying to determine what will happen next. The characters are also some of the most memorable and many of the action sequences that happen, will have you in awe at times.

The gameplay of both Zone of the Enders games are where this collection really makes its bread and butter. The first title can be bland at times, due to traversing back and forth between areas to find items. However, the stellar combat makes up for it by providing a great scale to the boss battles and great combat mechanics. Fights through the air and upgrades really make you feel like you are piloting something that is a force to be reckoned with. The additional upgrades and weapons you find as you explore areas or defeat enemies help to keep the combat fresh and intriguing.

The best part of the combat can also be its greatest downfall. The combat allows you to fly through the air slashing enemies, using secondary weapons that allows for being somewhat tactical  However, the game falls back on you mashing the square button while occasionally pressing other buttons to change up the flow of combat. It does keep it fresh, but after awhile it does get stale and repetitive to a degree.

The HD graphics in the game are great and really bring to the life the modern day cinematic feel of a anime or manga that you would expect to see. Its not on the calibre of a current generation title, but it is one that you will enjoy to play if you have missed these old titles. The real benefit of this collection is the accompaniment of Metal Gear Rising Revengence, whether you are a fan of the franchise or not this is great bonus for anyone wanting to play this title.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection is a game that has some problems and a confusing identity at times. Although these issues don’t hinder the overall experience of the game, it is still a fun game that you should purchase to experience the great story and gameplay this title has to offer. With the Addition of Metal Gear Rising Revengence its a definite worthwhile purchase. This HD Collection is much more of a reason why we need a Zone of the Enders 3!

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4 stars
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