Venom Quad Charging Stand – Review (PS3)

written by Gary Weeks on 5.12.13 venom-quad-charging-stand

My kids can be a real pain in the bum when it comes to leaving controllers around the house.  If they’re not left on to waste a little battery life when not being used they’re being left in all sorts of places that you really wouldn’t imagine they could be left. All fathers are no doubt reading this first paragraph and nodding furiously in agreement and many have wasted man hours trying to find these controllers too.

One of Venom’s latest officially licensed products not only helps to keep all of your controllers together but allows you to charge them too rather than the conventional USB option, although you may have also bought yourself a Power Bank which we reviewed here.

Made from a tough plastic, Venom’s quad charging stand pretty much does what it says on the box offering a storage and charge solution for up to, yup, you guessed it, four controllers. The stand itself is fully independent from the console itself and is powered by a multi option power adapter for use in other PAL territories, as well as the UK.  The mini USB leads that unclip from the perfectly moulded docks to plug into the USB socket on your controller without a tonne of wires hanging out of the unit itself giving you a fast charge even when your console is powered down.

The freedom to display the dock anywhere you want also helps to give a cleaner look to your living room and the sleek and contemporary design helps the dock get lost in your room without it looking out of place. The moulding is well crafted, as you would imagine from a licensed product, and each controller fits perfectly into it’s space without fear of it falling off.

Venom are starting to reinvent themselves in terms of how they are perceived to the public, something that Mad Catz have also gone through, to become a very reputable third party accessory company offering quality products at very affordable prices. If this Quad Charging Stand and other officially licensed products that have just been released, including the Venom Power Bank that we reviewed here, are anything to go by then Venom’s Renaissance as a company to take seriously will go from strength to strength.

If you’ve ever had any of the issues that I mentioned at the beginning of this review then I implore you to go and grab a Venom Quad Charging Stand as soon as you can.

The Venom Quad Charging Stand is available directly from Venom’s Play Store for a very affordable £19.99.

4-5 stars
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