Venom Power Bank – Review (PS3)

written by Gary Weeks on 5.12.13 venom-power-bank

Every gamer on this planet is continually looking at ways to make their gaming lives easier and as we progress into the wireless era, including headsets and controllers, battery life, as you can imagine becomes an issue.

I think we can all agree that having to charge PS3 controllers is an absolute pain in the arse in terms of its logistics. The controller is great but the downside is having to plug in a USB to charge it whilst playing can restrict movement and distance from where you are to the console itself. The idea of wireless gaming, destroyed for those few hours when the battery needs to charge, unless you have a controller or two, have been the bain of the modern gamer’s life, until now.

Venom, formed in 1999 and trading with the mantra of providing well priced products using good quality materials, have provided a solution to this common problem in the form of the Venom Power bank.  After giving the Power Bank a bloody good shakedown I can only come to one conclusion, if you’re a serious gamer, have a PS3 and are pissed off with the constraints of normal charging solutions then you need this in your life.

Now, I know some of you will immediately think that Venom has introduced a cheap and cheerful solution to market.  Those fears can be immediately put to rest when I mention that the Venom Power Bank is an officially licensed product which has probably had Sony’s beady eye all over the production process to make sure that the quality is there.


It’s a very simple beast to use too as the shape allows the Power Bank clipping snuggly to the controller, clipping itself at the base and connecting via the USB slot at the top to deliver the power. The great feature about the Power Bank is that it in no way upsets the balance of the controller when handling it and feels right in the hand.

The power that it provides as well is another big feature, delivering up to 20 hours of charge to your controller, although that is reduced through heavy usage but will still provide more than enough charge to get you through a whole day of gaming and then some. To recharge is as simple as unplugging the Bank and using the USB provided pluggin it back into the console for another day.

It’s hard to give the Power Bank any more praise and there’s not much more you can really talk about. It’s aesthetically pleasing, beautifully balanced , holds a charge well and provides a solution to a problem at a very reasonable price. If you can’t afford, or really don’t need, a major docking station then the Venom Power Bank will do you proud.

The Venom Power Bank can be purchased directly from the company’s Play store for a very reasonable price of £19.99.

4-5 stars
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