Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset – Review (Wii U, 3DS)

written by Gary Weeks on 12.12.12 kunai-headset

It’s pretty fair to say that Mad Catz are pretty much dominating the peripheral market right now and coupled with Tritton’s range of mind blowing headsets have also started to put their case forward as being the go to guys for aural headgear too.

With Tritton’s Kunai headset range launching right now, Tritton are looking to not only supply and validate this range in the console and portable arena but also bunk in on the lifestyle market too by designing a product that works well with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as well as having the sylish capabilities that make you look the part on the street too.  Have they achieved what they set out to do? Ya damn skippy and here’s why:-

The Build

Straight out of the box you can tell that, although an entry level headset, the Kunai has the same build quality that you will find through the whole Tritton range. Built in a lightweight, small, flexible and robust plastic polished design the Kunai that I received has been stress tested to an extent and performed admirably. Padding underneath the plastic band provides more than enough comfort for wearing the headset over extended periods of time as well as the soft, plushy pads that cover the earcups feeling not only comfortable but help to keep the sound in as the headset presses against the ear.

The flexible and adjustable earcups also provide a good purchase against any ear as well as allowing them to rest around your neck when not in use and make the Kunai range contender in comfort and strength.

The Kunai also comes with an adjustable and detachable microphone boom allowing you to communicate with other people online as well being able to use these as headphones of choice when out and using your MP3 player.

Setting Up

The Kunai really is a very simple beast to set up. The only downside to it is that if you are using them on the Wii U then you have to use the original AV/Multi out that came with the console as there are obviously no optical digital options. Phono connectors join the original phono leads to the back of the T.V. which come straight out to the inline audio controller that has a 3.5mm port for plugging the Kunai directly into.  It’s clean, it’s simple and it’ll take less than 30 seconds to set up. A simple adjustment in the Wii U’s menu system to switch the sound and voice over to the headset takes another 30 seconds so basically, your initial setup should take no more than a minute. Using your Kunai for Nintendo 3DS or an MP3 player of phone is even quicker as all you need to do is plus the 3.5mm jack straight in and you’re away.

Ease Of Use

Once you have everything plugged and set up then the Kunai could not be simpler. The inline audio controller for use with the Wii U has been designed in a simplistic yet effective way with earphone and mic volume controls down one side of the controller and a mute switch for when you’re away from the headset on the other side.  The simple wheels are set out in a way that can be adjusted with a thumb and the Mic mute switch can be flicked on and off with ease. My only gripe with this headset is the lead length coming from the headset itself. It is rather short and would be problematic to use as a general headset unless it is plugged into an audio inline controller for an MP3 player or phone. To be honest, it could have done with another metre in length to make sure that it didn’t pull if an MP3 was put into a trouser pocket.

Sound Quality

Now, you may think that being an entry level headset, the Kunai may lack a little in the sound department but Tritton have made sure that their 40mm Neodymium drivers are present to provide clear and defined audio through the ranges with a smooth and thumping bass that doesn’t over power the other ranges too much.

As the Tritton Kunai headset is a multi-purpose headset it only felt right to only test it on a Wii U console but to also put it through its paces with an MP3 players as well as a Samsung Galaxy SII phone to see how it performed with music as well as T.V and film and boy was I not disappointed.

I tested the headset on the Wii U and using Zombi U, Tank! Tank! Tank! and Super Mario Bros U as a benchmark played for a few hours to try and gauge where the headset stood amongst other headsets in the same price bracket. The first thing you notice is although the bass provides thumping explosions on Zombi U it doesn’t drown the other ranges out and the headset gives a good sense of immersion as I heard the bullet whizzing though the air as well as the explosions going off around.  The same can be said with Tank! Tank! Tank! as well as New Super Mario Bros U in that you have enough there to actually feel part of the game and to understanding in a loose way the direction of  bullets, npc’s etc.  For it’s limitations as a stereo headset, the sound does punch well above its weight.

And the same can be said for use on MP3 players and phones, including the iPhone. I’m a man of taste and class, no matter what you guys think, so with that in mind a selection of genres of music were tested that reflect the different ranges in sound you might expect. Dance music, for example, was met with thumping bass that didn’t distort with enough space left to cater for the mid and treble ranges too without drowning them out, Jazz again had the same effect where the treble and mid ranges were catered and didn’t sound tinny like a lot of low level headsets but blasted a crisp sound that was pleasing to the ear and never made me want to turn the volume down or even take the headset off. In fact, all genres and taste reflected a quality of sound that you may expect from a headset in a different price bracket.

Finally, testing Netflix on my phone affirmed what I believe to be true from when I first put on the headset. The Tritton Kunai is one of the best entry level headsets that I have come across so far, packing the punch of a heavyweight but having the sleek and stylish design afforded to a headset like Dr Dre’s Beats audio range.


Overall, the Tritton Kunai headset would be money well spent for those looking to cross lifestyle with gaming.  The delivery of a quality audio experience coupled with sleek, robust and lightweight design that doesn’t pull away from Tritton’s classic exoskeleton look makes all the right noises when it comes looking for a new headset and should be seriously considered when it comes to making that essential purchase.

The Tritton Kunai headset is available now from all good retailers, including our official retail partners at for around $50 or £50 in the U.K.

4 stars
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