Tritton 720+ Headset – Review (360, PS3, PC)

written by Alex ‘Alaric’ Lemcovich on 9.11.12 tritton-720+-headset

If you’re a gamer who lives on their own salary and not pocket money and you have the urge to splurge, you could do worse than consider buying a decent headset.

A little earlier this year we reviewed the Tritton Detonator; not a bad piece of kit, though at a retail price of around fifty to sixty quid it found itself in strong contention with the cheaper, more comfortable but less aesthetically pleasing Turtle Beach X11.

The general rule about headsets, like all tech products, is that the more you’re prepared to spend the more you’ll get for your money and you won’t be saddled with anything you’ll be looking to replace in a year’s time, and the newly released Tritton 720+ makes a strong case for you to part with a little more cash than usual.

Let’s start with the basics:

For one hundred and twenty pounds sterling (or thereabouts, depending on how you shop) you will get a chunky white headset that’s able to cater to a variety of human cranium sizes. It plugs into the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as PCs. The exterior is shiny, clean plastic, laden with a soft black foamy interior that sits atop your head with minimal discomfort. The ear cups are more generous than those of the Detonator; they won’t squeeze the audio into your ears so much as fit your ears into the audio landscape, giving you a clearer sense of what’s going on and where.

Thus the comfort factor of the 720+ is far superior to that of the Detonators. You won’t feel like your ear cartilage needs a good massage after a gaming session lasting more than an hour or three.

The headset is entirely adjustable while it’s loose, meaning you have to take it off your head to elongate or retract its length, but once you put it on the position locks so there’s no awkward fiddling or unintentional slips.

It comes with an audio adapter, which all in all might seem a little daunting to first time buyers who like their console setups plain and simple, but once everything is plugged in it’s much easier to tuck wires out of sight. The mini wired controls for the headset are adjustable in height, making accessibility all the more functional, and speaking of functions the 720+ has everything we’ve come to expect from Tritton gaming headsets including Selectable Voice Monitoring, along with chat and game audio mute buttons.

The SVM is probably far more important with the 720+ headset than it was with the Detonator, as you’ll have difficulty hearing much outside of your gaming environment once you put the 720+ on, including your own voice. If nothing else, this is a clear indication that MadCatz know how to build a good headset. It really makes you appreciate things if you’re able to ignore outside distractions like noisy neighbours, your spouse asking you to take out the rubbish, or perhaps your own children begging for something to eat for dinner.

There’s an added depth to in-game audio as well that, while not comparable with lesser quality headsets, is a bit like the difference between standard definition and high definition visuals.

Footsteps, explosions, guns, voices, weather, engines, crowds; they are no longer fuzzy and indistinguishable creatures, but clear and separate entities that have more personality – if it’s possible for audio alone to achieve that.

MadCatz have listed a short but technically impressive series of reasons the 720+ sounds as good as it does, and here are two of the most pertinent:

For one thing, it’s imbued with the 50mm Neodymium sound systems – 10mm bigger than the standard size, meaning you get a broader level of bass and clearly accented audio. The headset also operates at 7.1 gigahertz, putting it close to the superior Tritton Warhead 7.1 Headset, but unlike the Warhead this is a headset intended for use with consoles and PCs.

Because it’s still wired the 720+ will have a small bit of static hovering in the background, but any and all concerns will be scrubbed away once you get into a game or film and start enjoying the sweet sounds only a higher quality headset can provide.

The Tritton 720+ Headset is a professional gamer’s headset, built from the ground up to accommodate your needs and be as flexible as possible. A solid investment you won’t regret, unless your spouse likes to get your attention by hitting you over the head while you’re in the middle of a game.

4-5 stars
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