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written by Stephen Hanley on 17.7.13 DEADPOOL_Screen4

Not too long ago, Activision announced that Deadpool, Marvel’s loveable anti-hero, was finally hitting our screens in the form of his own video game. At first, I was worried due to the fact that 9/10 comic book to game adaptations are not very good, to put it politely. That was however until I found that that High Moon Studios, who’s recent video games include the Fall of Cybertron and War of Cybertron Transformer Games, were at the helm of development. With my expectations now higher than anticipated, did High Moon Studios version of the “The Merc with A Mouth” live up to the character and humor of Deadpool?

The story of Deadpool the game is simple, yet fits the character so well. Deadpool wants his own game, and through some persuasion on Deadpool’s part in the form of threats and explosions, the guys over at High Moon Studios agree and send him over a script, which does more to insult Deadpool and excite him. Madness in which only Deadpool can provide ensues and as we progress through the story, we meet a whole variety of characters from the Marvel universe including fan favorite Wolverine.


The graphic style perfectly complements this title. Through the use of a comic inspired art style, the visuals in Deadpool mirror the style of the comics well. The use of comic-book style dialog boxes to convey the different voices that are heard within Deadpool’s head are wonderful and allow the translation from comic book title to video game that much easier and hilarious. The dialogue complements the character wonderfully as Nolan North does a fantastic job of delivering Deadpool’s corny jokes and one liners the way you’d expect Deadpool to deliver them.

The combat is similar to that of the latest Batman games. It is not as polished as the Arkham games, yet it serves its purpose as a way of being able to deal quick combos together to multiple enemies at once without it being overly complicated while keeping it fun despite lacking a variety of combos and special moves. The stealth kills in particular are beautifully animated, brutal and filled with Deadpool humour.


As you progress through Deadpool, you’ll be awarded Deadpool points which can be used to unlock and upgrade items through the in-game menu. All this really boils down to is bigger and badder weapons which pack more of a punch but doesn’t really vary things up. Perhaps the best thing about these upgrades is listening to Deadpool as you switch between weapons. It’s these little touches that make Deadpool more than just a comic book spinoff and more of a fan service from High Moon Studios.

No game is perfect however and I found while playing through the story that more times than not, the camera would get in my way if I were to go against a group of enemies. It’s a little thing but it detracts from the excitement and fun that could be had during this story mode. There is also a lack of co-op or multiplayer modes available with the game with only a challenge mode being available to anyone who wants to play more of Deadpool outside the story mode.


Deadpool is a heap of fun to play and even more fun to listen to. Whilst Deadpool may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to his rather crude sense of humor, fans of the comic will love this depiction of Deadpool and it’s a credit to High Moon Studio for once again taking a licensed franchise and creating an excellent game from it. Non-fans will also enjoy a good but not great hack and slash game with a lot of humorous one-liners, jokes and mayhem.

4 stars
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