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written by Steve Kelser on 11.12.13 nba2k14-2

With the long awaited release of the next-generation version of NBA 2K14, fans were getting hyped to finally hold the game in their hands. But at the time, nobody knew: would there be a huge difference in gameplay? Would it push graphics to the absolute limits of technological abilities? We had the chance to review the NBA 2K14 next-gen game, and we can say with full confidence that this game is as good as it gets! It’s a thrilling advancement, not only to the NBA franchise, but to the videogame industry overall. Without further ado, let’s get into our review of NBA 2K14.

Graphics and Animations

We saw the trailers preparing us for the release, and we were all counting the seconds until we could see the full visual game in front of us. It was set up to be the highest standard graphics in any videogame created.


We were not disappointed – the graphics will blow you away. It’s the most beautiful game created to date: gorgeous images, smooth tones, and flawless facial renders. Details like tattoos, sweat, wrinkles on the jerseys – it’s all there to make the images look as natural and real as possible. Players look alive, much like watching them filmed on HD camera. The 3000+ animations added to the game add a whole new feeling of realism to the visuals. There’s an intense amount of movement happening at one given moment, just like in a live game.


Last year’s gameplay was great. This year’s? It takes it up to a whole new level. You need to know your NBA teams and players to play this game effectively, much like any other basketball coach or manager. You have your defensive teams, your offensive and your superstar basketball players; each has their own specific strengths and weaknesses based on their real abilities.

The Point of Emphasis feature is excellent for making split moment coaching decisions. You can direct your team to focus on one particular player or change your offensive strategies on the go. But beware – the challenging team can do the same, and you will feel as challenged as playing against another gamer.

The ball’s physics has also changed, and for the better. It feels more free and the changing of directions between offense and defense is more realistic. It no longer feels like the ball is stuck until a player finishes his animation.

Sound and Commentary

Like the graphics, the commentary and sounds of the previous-gen game were great as is. But 2k has taken them into a whole different ballpark. A plethora of new commentary was added, making it sound like a new game altogether. Sound effects are great – they sound as believable as being in the bleachers at the stadium. Chants are clearer, as are shoe screeches, the balls bouncing, and all the smaller sounds that we usually unconsciously ignore but add a sense of reality.

Game Modes and Options

The 2K14 game provides gamers with the ability to control every aspect of the franchise experience. You can run your team as a CFO, learning and feeling the same workload of any person doing that job in real life. You need to take into consideration any sorts of injuries or news updates from sports sites like YouWin. All these small changes will make a difference in the gameplay!


Feel like living the life of a player instead? No problem. You can choose to run Michael Jordan’s life and make decisions for him – his future is in your hands. It’s a role-playing element that diversifies the fun and excitement to the game. Otherwise, you can choose to play My Players, creating your own career path for a new player. There’s only 24 heads to choose from and you can’t customize facial features, which is disappointing, but otherwise it’s an enjoyable option.

Lastly, there’s the Roster Creator, where you can create, share or build upon any roster uploaded in the community. You can also mix players from classic or European teams – a great added feature to the game.


NBA 2K14’s gameplay is amazing and has taken the franchise into a whole new level. It’s by far the best simulation basketball game ever made and a must-play for both gaming and basketball fans.  Our original review on Xbox showed off the progression of NBA 2K14 in its entirety but next gen owners certainly have nothing to fear, the main thing you get is greatness built onto greatness

5 stars
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