What we’ve played this week 20 – 27th January 2013

written by Gary Weeks, Alex 'Alaric' Lemcovich, Stephen Hanley, Jake Mulholland, Simon Cordon on 28.1.13 metal-gear-rising-revergeance

Well, the last couple of weeks have been a little bit crazy for all of the staff at MG and a lot of work has been done which is why we were pretty exhausted and didn’t offer anything up to you guys. Whether is was recording a podcast, recording gameplay footage, writing a review, visiting a publisher for a hands on session, liaising with the community we all played huge parts in the content that you’ve seen recently and they should be applauded. We have now had a little breather so without further ado, we’ll let you know what we have all been playing this week.

Gary Weeks – Miner of iron ingots, explorer of Namco’s Ni No Kuni, general boy racer and Isaac’s real life doppleganger


The last couple of weeks have been packed with crazy stuff in terms or organisation for the site. During this time I have managed, with the help of some of the community resurrect our Forza league which seems to be taking off. For this part I’ve been back on Forza 4 getting a lap time down for qualification which also helped with my 1% challenge. It has all been captured so I just need to put the finishing touches to it and it’ll be live. Early times from my competitors show that I certainly have my work cut out for me.  Expect an update on this next week!

This last fortnight has also been spent with Ni No Kuni: The Wrath Of The White Witch and as much as I love this game, I really do, I had an absolute nightmare trying to write the review.  Usually, when you have a passion for a game the words will flow but Ni No Kuni for some reason they didn’t. I’m just glad that Level 5′s game design coupled with Studio Ghibli’s beautiful  art style made me want to go back to it more times than (insert witty analogy here).

The rest of my time these last two weeks has been taken up with playing the co-operative portion of the Dead Space 3 beta in a vain attempt to record the footage numerous times with one of our writer, Stephen Hanley. I won’t go into the problems we had as there were far too many but Dead Space 3 is looking good enough to take on the franchise tag.

Minecraft is still as addictive as ever but this has only taken up a little of my time.

Alex ‘Alaric’ Lemcovich – Demon Rapist, Car Pornographer, Gentleman of Morally Ambiguous Tastes


I have a high opinion of myself when it comes to sports cars. There is no model I have discovered yet that wouldn’t look significantly improved with my almost naked and glistening oiled body, clad in a pair of revealing yet strangely comfortable black speedos, stood alongside it with a casual hand on its bonnet.

In a display of total ignorance, the developers of Forza Horizon failed to include this as an optional extra, so I have to make do with playing this landmark racing title of 2012 the old fashioned way – not that there’s anything bad about that. The cars are beautiful to behold, each feels sufficiently unique to drive, and having unlocked my first ‘proper’ sports car I’m happy to forego the ‘starkers next to the car’ option if it means I get to plough through more finish lines ahead of the shit munching AI opponents.

All this being said, I don’t doubt that if I ran across any of our recently qualified MG league players I would be treated quite badly.

I’ve also been enjoying Ninja Theory’s supernatural hackathon. I don’t know what all the other Devil May Cry fans were so upset about; I got into an argument about it with my brother the other night, who staunchly refused to believe this new incarnation of DMC could be any good at all. He hasn’t played the full game, obviously. If he had, he might just have realised how good it was. I’m up to Son of Sparda mode, but first I’m keen to find all collectables and secret missions before I dive into that mess. With gameplay this good and a story this ridiculously entertaining, would it be too much to hope that Capcom might give Ninja Theory a reboot of Resident Evil to work on? This gamer’s fingers are crossed.

And yes, I could play Call of Duty if I wanted to, but in those precious hours spent unlocking yet more guns, perks, and titles, I could be doing more important things like masturbating. The pay off in that instance is almost guaranteed to contain more gratification. Besides, a bottle of baby oil is just so much cheaper than a map pack these days.

If you’ve been enjoying these words, perhaps you’d like to know I’ve been typing them out on a MadCatz S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 keyboard (why they insist on broken names I have no idea – frankly it’s a pain in the testicles to write that branding on any goddamn keyboard). This little beauty is my next review subject and I can assure you I’ll be putting it through its paces to give the hardcore amongst us a decent idea of whether or not it’s worth the asking price. It certainly looks pretty. Stay tuned and drive recklessly, boys and girls.

Stephen Hanley – Technical saboteur, Misterchief and worshipper to the God of Metal Gear


It’s been a mixed bag of games this last while but it has certainly been fun. While I’m not recording/editing/mastering the podcast (shameless plug) or any video’s for the website (check that out too!), I have been trying out some games that I haven’t played before. So with that, onto the list!

Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox 360) – Yes I had never played a halo game. Deal with it! Actually that previous statement was not accurate as I had played all of about a nano-second of Halo 3 before thinking it wasn’t as great as others thought and wanted to trade it in/throw it away. Years later with the release of Halo 4 I reflected if I was just stupid back then and didn’t give it a fair chance, so with that I rented the remake of Halo 1 and I loved it! I actually didn’t want to give it back as I was enjoying it that much and I hope to acquire a copy of it for myself sometime in the near future.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo (Xbox 360/PS3) – Played the demo a ton of times for doing a video for Mature-Gaming and I enjoyed it more and more each time. Honestly cannot wait for this game to come out even though I enjoyed it a lot more on Xbox 360 than I did PS3.

Dead Space 3 Demo (Xbox 360) – Myself and Gary done a co-op video after what seemed like everything was against us, and if you haven’t watched it then why the hell not?! In all seriousness though, it was enjoyable even if the demo gave the impression that it wasn’t going to be as tense as previous instalments in the franchise.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (Vita/PSP) – I haven’t played much of this as I only received it not that long ago, but if the intro to it is anything like the full game, it’s going to be messed up, confusing, and enjoyable the full way through. Roll on the JRPG!

Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (PC) – Thanks to a kind person from a forum I frequently visit, I finally got a copy of Fallout 3 on the PC which of course can only mean one thing, MODDING! Even though I’ve never really played much of the game due to a bad experience on the Xbox version (Megaton turned against me, it wasn’t pretty and I didn’t have the patience to start again), I said to myself I will try it again as it falls under the not really played it before category. So far I’m enjoying it immensely but I would recommend that if anyone is looking into getting it, check PCgamingwiki.com for how to fix a lot of the problems with it due to it not being compatible with Windows 7/8 natively .

Jake Mulholland


Anarchy Reigns

After finally getting my hands on the insanity-filled brawler that I so desperately wanted since playing the demo, I could hardly resist filling my week with it. I played my way through the campaign on hard difficulty in order to bring myself up-to-scratch with the other online players, unlocking characters along the way. The campaign’s hard mode boasted a meaty challenge and the one-on-one fights with the AI were really intense. I would be lying if I said I expected such an experience from the campaign of a budget title from a developer with no grounding in reality. Cutscenes are done surprisingly well and the character designs are easily the best I’ve seen in years. Online game modes are varied and a tonne of fun. Other players are usually highly skilled since many have been playing since last year, but it only makes it more fun when you uppercut them 20 feet in the air with your super sexy fists of fire. If you’re not terrible at videogames and don’t take things too seriously, this might just be a game worth looking at. If, however, you happen to be completely jaded scrub, at least do this game the honour of listening to its incredible soundtrack.

SimCity 4 Deluxe

I’m a bit of a late arrival into this series. Hell, I’m a late arrival into the “simulation” genre as a whole. So far I really like what I’m seeing though. I often find myself feeling enthusiastic about building a clean, sprawling city that fills an entire region. I will run into many problems, barely pull myself from the brink of bankruptcy, and then continue on with my goal. Much like Civilisation 5 I could almost waste entire days on these types of games without even remembering that real time existed. My girlfriend is somewhat “buildy game” enthusiast so it’s always a little disheartening to load up SimCity to see my crime ridden Detroit-esque city next to one of her many utopian land masses. But I’m new right? Soon I too can be build replicas of Coruscant with the best of ‘em.

Metal Gear Revengeance Demo

Like most everyone with a gold account, I got a chance to try my hand at changing the nappy of Kojima and Platinum’s baby. While it wasn’t exactly a game I was building a little shrine on my desk for, the demo has certainly managed to make me consider buying it. If there’s anything that surprises me it’s the incredible framerate this game manages to maintain. In a game where button timing for parries and attacks make all the difference, this is certainly a welcome feature. Let’s not forget one of the game’s core features, the ability to cut almost anything in any direction you want. Many things can be cut up into accurate little chunks from the enemies “ambushing” you to that set of stairs you needed to use to get to your next objective. I often found myself wishing that there were more enemies to fight at once so I just kept restarting the area with the highest amount. The demo makes it seem like the game is set to expand upon Raiden’s character and introduce some pretty cool (albeit completely ridiculous) enemy designs. I think I might even buy this game just to get to know some of the awesome characters I’ve seen so far.

Simon Cordon


Scavenge, slay, survive – Well for a few hours until I lose a lot of blood and get eaten by zombies. Traviana has been my destination most of the week. DayZ has been the game.

If I was to run as much in real life as I do in game, I would be a very slim person. i would probably suffer from flatulence due to a diet of pasta, beans, coke and pepsi, with the occasion slice of cooked meet thrown in. Once I have died, respawn somewhere on the island and start again. I did find a push bike but it was in need of a wheel, which I didn’t have.

Tried to burn some rubber to get me a good place in the MG Forza 4 league. Unfortunately Someone must of sabotaged my car as I seem to be right off the pace. If we were the Top Gear team, I would be captain slow! I’m not looking forward to being a back marker. Marussia here I come.

Just bought XCOM on 360 today will have more to say about this next week (that’s if I can get my wife off Lego LOTR.

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