The War Z diaries – Day 2: Trop De Zombies

written by Jake Mulholland on 6.12.12

Jake Mulholland emerges from the first day still alive but what does day 2 hold in store? Follow his progression in The War Z diaries.


I had woken up today thankfully finding myself no worse for wear than I had when I went to sleep last night. I walked over to the window of the office to get a good view of the street below. The city was still bustling with the undead and navigating the town would still be a challenge. The fact remained that I was in boulder city which was easily one of the largest settlements on my map. Not to mention the key locations around here are few and far between.

With this is my mind I made my way out of the office and began exploring the city streets. It was clear there was a large population here before the outbreak from the number of zombies around. I did a sort of “U” shape around the city to cover most of the outskirts. Along my search I noticed that the nearby river had broken its banks and had flooded some of the lower parts of the city. Thankfully, I could till navigate these parts as the water only went up to about waist height. Despite the ruined and overgrown surroundings, the reflection of the morning sun against a flooded street was quite nice looking. Towards the end of my search I noticed a major road leading out of the city that passed over the nearby river, or at least it used to. About 100ft of the road had collapsed into the river with cars included. Completely taken by this sight, I almost missed the body lying next to one of the cars just in front of me. It was another survivor like me, well, using that term quite loosely. He had all his gear still on him. I figured there would be others like myself around but it was unclear as to what killed him. He wasn’t near any zombies and his corpse hadn’t been looted. I decided to take my opportunity and grab what I could, antibiotics, water, potato chips and the oddest of the bunch, a white skull mask. I threw whatever I could gather into my backpack and cut through the middle of the city to minimize travel time. My next stop was Camp Splinter, a military base across the river I saw on my way here.

Another long journey was on the cards for me. I spend it chugging energy drinks and munching on the excess of snacks I had found from that guy’s corpse. It seemed like I should feel bad for fuelling my journey with the recently deceased’s junk food, but I felt no remourse. I crossed the bridge leading to Camp Splinter and was met with a forest of massive fir trees. All of this thick foliage provided a great, stealthy approach to the camp. In the quiet of the forest I could hear someone talking in the distance. However I could only pick up fragments of what they were saying. I gathered “Camp Splinter” and “Trop de zombies”. My French wasn’t exactly what it used to be but I figured I might be in for a bit of challenge trying to take over Splinter by myself. This also rose the question of what the French were doing wandering the Colorado countryside, but I figured the dead walking the earth ranked higher on the list of strange things going on. I was nearing my destination and could notice a large hole in the concrete barricade surrounding the camp. The hole was filled with corpses and about 5 zombies trying to push through all at once. While somewhat funny, it had to be noted that I should be cautious about approaching the situation. These zombies looked highly aggressive and alert which led me to believe that there were other survivors in Splinter, hopefully the more alive type. I approached the small mob from behind and used my hammer to mash a few skulls. There were some items lying in the broken wall opening. Looks like a fellow survivor met their demise here. I nabbed a few key items before heading into the camp proper.

Unsurprisingly the camp was filled with undead soldiers. I quickly ran into the tent nearest to me. Thankfully the zombies couldn’t see me in here so I took some to get myself together. I was thrilled to find my first firearm in the tent, a nice five-seven with 20 rounds along with a brand spanking new helmet to boot. Suddenly, something walked into the tent opening next to me. I gave it a quick smack to the arm and it quickly realized he was alive. I quickly apologized and was just as quickly asked for a hammer or weapon of some sort. I was unsure as to whether he wanted revenge or just to keep himself alive (or both), but I felt a hammer themed apology was in order and gave him a spare one I was carrying. I gave him some painkillers too for good measure. With that he was on his way, I could tell he was just as panicked as I was. I peeked out of the tent out of curiosity to see where he went. He was climbing up the stairs of one of the camp watchtowers. Not long after he shouted down to me, “There’s two guys coming”. He also mentioned that they were both armed. I darted back into the tent and started formulating a plan in my head. Were they friendly or not? Should I take the chance to find out?

I edged my way out and used my hammer to dispatch of a few zombies. These military undead took a lot more hits the others. I suppose physical attributes still carry over into death. I began crawling through some long grass to get a view outside the camp while remaining hidden. Before I could move 5 feet they were both standing in the entrance. One carried an m16 and the other had an ak-47 (not even kidding, it was that cliché) and both of them wearing black skull masks. I completely froze in the grass hoping they wouldn’t see me. One of them moved passed the barrier and I immediately began firing my handgun at him. I put him down in about 4-5 shots, the guy must have been wearing body armor. The guy with the m16 sprayed a few rounds in my direction and bolted back out of the camp. I knew this guy wasn’t going to take the death of his friend lightly so his leaving would only be temporary.

I spent a good five minutes looking for this guy but there was no sign of him. I rested against a large metal container to think about where he could have gone, constantly checking my flanks at the same time. I just about noticed him coming back in the entrance and chanced a few shots in his direction. He fired back with a volley of shots all of which bounced off the container next to me, startling me and blurring my vision. I retreated to the other side of the container and peered out to get a good view. I broke line of sight with the guy and got to watch him trying to carefully advance his way towards my position. Unfortunately, in my panic, I had used all of the rounds in my handgun. When he finally reached the other side of the container I was behind, he looked around the opposite side. I sprinted towards him with my hammer in hand, three blows to the head and it was finished. I spent a long time taking in what had just happened and also taking in all the skull brothers’ awesome gear. Now happy with all my newly “earned” loot I made my way out of Splinter and up a nearby grassy hill to rest.

Sitting atop the hill, looking down on the camp while munching on some more potato chips, I wondered what had happened to my helpful spotter friend. Without him or the handgun I found a few minutes beforehand, it probably would have turned out a lot differently than it did. God speed you magnificent bastard, may your journeys be safe and your arm heal quickly. My journey for today ends here. Next stop will be the Echo Compound further up north.


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