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written by Jake Mulholland on 18.11.12 star-citizen

Poking its head into the world of kickstarter and putting itself at the mercy of the highly opinionated PC gaming community, Star Citizen launched its kickstarter on 18th of October 2012. With a modest goal of $500,000 dollars to get it on its feet, the project has managed to raise almost 1.5 million dollars thanks to the support of its backers.

In brief, Star Citizen is a free to play space simulator that features a detailed universe with many of the different elements you would expect from a title like this, such as trading, dogfighting and a highly detailed economy. So if it shares so many similarities to other titles, why is it worth your time?

Space sims have been a definitive staple of PC gaming for almost two decades now. The developers of Star Citizen realize this and are pulling no punches when it comes to graphical fidelity, complexity or user modding potential. From the get go this project is focused purely on the PC platform with full intent to exercise its true abilities. The developers mention that “there is a large audience of PC gamers that want sophisticated games built for their platform,” showing that there is a high demand for a game that isn’t just another console port.

The game is built using CryEngine 3 and is fully intent on making use of the immense power the engine provides. Taking some slight digs and the controversy of outdated console technology, the developers are quite confident their project will stand out amongst the crowd of not just kickstarter titles, but most major releases today.

On top of plans for singleplayer, co-op and multiplayer; the game will feature support for many flight sim and immersion dedicated peripherals to make the feeling of being pilot of a ship like nothing you’ve ever seen to date. Amazingly, the developers are even planning support for the highly immersive and ambitious Oculus Rift project.

The game boasts an “unending” universe and, while not impossible, it is certainly difficult to implement. Star Citizen will follow the idea of constant, small updates similar to that of Team Fortress 2, as opposed to the large yearly updates that some games do. These updates may help with the expansion of the meta game and the game universe itself.The scope of this project is absolutely huge and it’s a wonder how they will manage to fit all of the features they are boasting on their main site. Many little references in here indicate that the devs are fans of sci-fi, who are the kind of people anyone would want to be behind the helm of the ship on a project like this.

There is an absolute wealth of other features in this project that I have not even begun to touch on. If this has in any way piqued your interest, check out the website for a full run-down of the details, or better yet, check out the kickstarter while you still can which will be ending on the 20th of November. I can’t recommend this project enough to anyone who considers themselves a PC enthusiast or is in any way interested in space sims. Even to people who have never tried a space simulator before, this may just be the project to introduce you to them.

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