PES 2013 vs FIFA 13 – Who Wins?

written by Stephen Hanley on 14.10.12 FIFA_PES

The age old rivalry of PES vs. FIFA goes back to the days when Konami in a brave and bold move released Goal Storm as it was known in America and Europe to contend against EA’s FIFA franchise which had been around since 1993. Over the course of this 16 year rivalry, both franchises have had their ups and downs. This year is no different between the two behemoths but in the same breath, it is much closer than previous years have shown.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

PES 2013 has without a doubt undergone the biggest improvement from last year’s release, with improvements to the A.I. and gameplay shining through. Konami has had a rough few years with the franchise but it now seems that the ball is rolling once more. The graphics have been improved to the point that it is obvious who a player is, even when the licensing tends not to agree. The presentation of the product, particularly before matches and at the start of modes, is unmatched on the market at the moment. The gameplay is very fluid featuring an easy to use manual passing system and much more fluid and responsive movement from the characters.

PES 2013 is not without its faults however. As usual, licensing is an issue for those that prefer to play as Tottenham Hotspurs as opposed to North East London. The online modes are also sparse, despite being improved on from previous games.

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FIFA 2013

FIFA 13 is once again looking to keep its title as the best football game that money can buy for consoles. FIFA has mostly taken what FIFA 12 had and improved on it including improved A.I. to help with some of the issues that plagued the game last year. One such improvement was the Attack Intelligence system which allows for much sharper and smoother gameplay from your team mates. The Match Day feature is the real selling point of this year’s version of FIFA by bringing realism to a whole new level by using stats and injuries from the current league and altering teams and players as a result.

FIFA though still suffers from occasional bad server connections and once again your Ultimate Team from FIFA 12 will not be brought forward into FIFA 13. While this isn’t a bad thing for most people, those that have spent a lot of money/MS points investing in their team will be peeved as it is essentially money gone down the drain.

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If you’re a multiplayer type of person, then FIFA wins this hands down. While PES 2013’s multiplayer modes still deliver, they’re unparalleled to FIFA’s where it ranges from simple one on one to Pro Clubs and beyond.

Single player is a different story however. This is probably the first year since 08-09 that I can honestly say; it is down to the type of player you are. PES has returned to its former glory with the AI improvements and generally much more fluid gameplay that previous years and FIFA 13. PES feels a lot more responsive and organic and its manual passing system is much better and easier to use than FIFA 13. Former PES fans should definitely check out PES 2013 again as you won’t be left disappointed.

FIFA 13, however, still have one of the best single player campaigns available on the gaming market. It’s easy to pick up and play style allows anyone who wants a quick match can just pop on and play without having to learn too much about the controls. Gameplay is much sharper than FIFA 12 due to the AI improvements and of course, its licensing really allows for a greater sense of realism, especially in conjunction with the Match Day feature.

Personally from what I’ve played, PES is my game of choice for single player. What’s yours? Let us know in a comment below.

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