Panzer General Online D Day Event details

written by Gary Weeks on 6.6.14 panzer-general-online

Ubisoft announced the first in-game event for Panzer General Online, featuring multiplayer battles themed around the 70th anniversary of the Allied landing and the succeeding battles in Normandy. The D-Day event will be available for all players and introduces new troops, a new command card and a new event currency.

The D-Day event will start on June 11 and end on June 25. To get a head start, starting June 6 players will be able to start building up their army to prepare for the tough multiplayer battles they will face. During the event the main objective will be to defeat as many enemy units as possible to earn medals, the new in-game currency. Medals can be used to unlock new troops such as the “Bergetiger” or the powerful command card “Recover”. The D-Day event will be featured in a special section in the main menu, allowing for immediate battles against other players.

Players can participate in the event and play Panzer General Online through the official website Here they will also find more detailed information on the event and its rules.

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