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written by Gary Weeks on 8.9.13 warcraft-server-blade

The world of online gaming is moving fast = fact. What was once a niche market for those lucky enough to have the right equipment is now a multimillion dollar industry and rightly so. What online gaming offers us, that is so different from console gaming, is the chance to play our favourite games where ever we are. Whether you are using your smartphone, tablet or even your laptop, online gaming is the perfect way to pass some time, turn a boring journey into a thrilling ride or simply give us some time away from the stresses of everyday life.

Here are some of the best online games for you to utilise today.

Classic Poker


Who doesn’t love an in-depth, longwinded, high stakes game of poker? One of the classic strategy games, steeped in history is available online and just as fun as if you were actually playing within a casino. There are many versions available, some are android specific, some for Apple and of course, some that are perfect for both. With the World Series of Poker beginning in November, there couldn’t be a better time than now to put some time into playing a game or two.

The majority of online casino apps that offer poker, also give us the chance to play for free; perfect if you are a beginner to the game and many although us to play against friends through Bluetooth. If you want to work your way up to becoming a poker professional, then you need to develop your strategy. Check out Casino Las Vegas Blog or similar to get some great ideas.

The RPG Game

There are so many RPG (role play games) available online that to name them all would make for a very long read. However the reason for the sheer amount of games comes down to how popular they are. The one that stands out as having lasted against all others is World of Warcraft, which is now a multiplayer classic in its own right. This game is popular with young and old alike, due to the exciting quests, the chance to make the game go the way YOU want it to and the sheer size of it.

The general gist of the game is that you build and train your warrior, leading them through a world filled with dragons. If you enjoy massive multiplayers, that need strategy, plenty of input and thought, then this game may be the one for you.

Cargo Bridge


If you are a fan of the humble puzzle game but you fancy a change from Sudoku then get your hands on Cargo Bridge. This physics based puzzle game is as much fun as it is thought provoking. Developed by Limex Games, who traditionally only design for internet based games, the graphics used here are a throwback to the age of game boys and the easy to understand game play makes this a very accessible game for all. The game play surrounds you building bridges to get to prizes, bonuses and new levels. Each bridge has to be carefully planned to take into account gravity and materials, it really will get you brain going. The game play will definitely leave you wanting to play more and more on this humble little game.

With so many apps available for devices to extend a game’s reach and accessibility the world of gaming will never be the same. From a cheeky game of poker on your phone (what politician has just been caught doing this in a meeting?) to organising your Ultimate Team in Madden or FIFA there is always ways to get more out of your game but what will that mean in terms of how you spend your time in the future? What games would you like to have even more accessibility too?

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