MG Gaming Awards 2012 – Surprise of 2012 – Spec Ops: The Line

written by Jake Mulholland on 31.12.12 spec-ops-the-line

While it’s not good to talk on behalf on everyone who has played Spec Ops, I think it is fair to say that many of us were surprised with how it turned out. From the game’s box art to its promotional screenshots, it just screams generic military shooter game.

The game even does well to begin with a squad of wise cracking marines cover-shooting their way into the ruined remains of Dubai. Once the player gets familiar with the concept of what the game is presenting, it changes completely. It covers issues that take stabs at the player’s morality and chosen actions. I found many of this game’s “moral decisions” to be a lot more compelling than other games that boasted it as their strongpoint. Watching the character change throughout the story and undergo the mental trauma of the situation was really surprising to see. This game is a strong reminder that books are not the only things that shouldn’t be judged by their cover.

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