MG Gaming Awards 2012 – Studio Of The Year – Bioware

written by Alex ‘Alaric’ Lemcovich on 28.12.12 bioware-logo

If ever there was a developer who deserved to have a cut of gaming journalists’ profits for all the articles it inspired, BioWare would be it.

This year the developing teams at BioWare have faced as much in criticism and outright hatred as they have been lauded with praise and support. They wrapped up the Mass Effect trilogy in ways that have been the cause of many an idle writer trying to either defend or attack them for how the story finished, but what really sets them apart from other developers is what they did next: they added to it. With no obligation (regardless of what fans will say on the subject) BioWare got its voice actors, script writers, and designers back together and expanded upon the endings that had left a fair few players bitter with resentment. This, too, was met with mixed responses, however BioWare held its head up high and stood by the endings it had originally written whilst appealing to players who felt something was missing – and that says a lot about their respect for fans. No other developer has done this before and it’s likely nobody will in the future. The fact that BioWare has still been churning out free – yes, FREE – support for its surprisingly brilliant multiplayer mode AND paid-for single-player content in the form of Leviathan and Omega is a credit to their work ethic.

It’s a studio who are better known to their fans than most and, while the fires of resentment still burn hotly in some gamers’ minds, since March BioWare has gone above and beyond expectations to make Mass Effect 3 memorable for all the right reasons.

Honourable mentions:- Gearbox Studios, Santa Monica Studios, TT Games
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