MG Gaming Awards 2012 – Best Co-Op experience – Borderlands 2

written by Jake Mulholland on 31.12.12 borderlands 2 tiny tina

Borderlands 2 was the game which I put forward for my game of the year. The original was a game that could not be played on its own without suffering through endless boredom. While borderlands 2 made the singleplayer experience far more fun, it only amplified what could essentially be called one of gaming’s most definitive co-op experiences.

From the minute you begin playing this game you can see that it has been designed with co-op in mind. Many of the NPCs will refer to the player as “you guys” and the loading screen tips will tell you about the wealth of co-op supported features. While my go to co-op partner didn’t get around to buying this game, even playing with random strangers had its moments. Speeding around The Dust with a bandit party wagon full of other players shooting from every angle is an experience seldom felt in other games.

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