MG Gaming Awards 2012 – Best Graphics – Halo 4

written by Alex ‘Alaric’ Lemcovich on 31.12.12 halo-4-2
Yes, we know, it’s another HALO game, but have you actually seen how beautiful it looks?
As far as science-fiction concept design goes, HALO has always been the game with the most outlandish ideas. Hegemonising swarms, living weapons created from genetic data encoding, class-based societies where induced mutations are regarded as integral to the function of one’s role…The ideas are buried deep behind the nature of the FPS, but they are there, and in HALO 4 we witnessed a lot of technological marvels from the completely artificial Forerunner planet Requiem. The examples of graphical supremacy are numerous and you’ll find something you can gawp at in every section of every level, from the geometric bowels of Requiem to its towering stalagmite and stalactite facilities dotted around its inner shell.Whoever came up with those weapon designs can give themselves a pat on the back; in spite of the fact that they’re just advanced forms of shotgun, assault rifle, and battle rifle, each Forerunner weapon looks and feels excellent to use. The Covenant, our go-to enemies of the franchise, are etched with detail upon detail with every game and as much as we’re tired of seeing them it just wouldn’t be HALO if you couldn’t shoot a multi-species alien conglomerate. Lighting, shadows, textures; all are loaded to our screens at a crystal clear frame rate and what’s best of all is that they didn’t put a limit on the amount of carnage players can unleash in co-op modes.
Honourable mentions:- Journey, Sleeping Dogs
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