Here comes the Boom! Violence in gaming

written by Chris "Boomer" Lloyd on 17.11.11 lollipop-chainsaw

Do you know what.. maybe I have been immunised towards game violence.. Wouldn’t accept it in real life, but not too bothered about it in games. Wouldn’t watch it in a film though.

Maybe its due to the fact that is is animated. But the strange thing is that I don’t really like some Manga films. Now they are quite disturbing in many ways. Explicit violence and sex in cartoons. Probably because they can get away drawing it, than making it with real actors.

Maybe I need to take a look at how I see these games…Maybe I need to start buying games without killing in.. Not really many of them about. But saying that there are limits for games, and I make the choice about not buying them.

Do you know what the real problem is?

It becomes censorship. And society will always buck against censorship. We had Mary Whitehouse in the 80′s going to extremes, about anything she didn’t like. Now she is parodied and we are going the opposite way where practically anything goes.

I have major issues with the way society acts, but as an adult I can make a decision on whether or not to buy a game. Or if I do and I don’t like it. I will take it back. Same with films. I don’t watch really gory films. Don’t see the point. I like zombies, and a good psychological horror. but gore and mess for the hell of it… no thanks. Like today, in the local chippie, and 4 children about 8 years old walked in, smoking a joint. What the ……!!! I am sorry but society really needs to get a grip on its self and start sorting itself out. Other day, outside the Magistrates court 2 lads rolling a joint!. maybe I am wrong, but its still an illegal drug. Shiney, I know where you are coming from. I am a parent of 2 teenage girls.

I agree with you that things are going to extreme, and if its too bad then I won’t buy the game. But games are just one sign of the way society is heading. People accepting violence and sex everywhere. Papers, TV, Movies, Games..

Can’t stop one without the other. And if you try to stop it then it will go underground and become uncontrolled.

Remember a couple of years ago there was a game called Manhunter? Never played it, but I remember the fuss over that game?
There is also that Kinect game called Rise of Nightmares. Hand to Hand fighting. One thing using the controller, but to actually fight using your hands…

Do you categorise film makers the same? When they make a film with gratuitous violence or sex in it? Would you feel the same then? There have been some quite bad films recently and special effects make them more and more realistic all the time.

What about books? The written word can be most explicit.

I like being able to make the decision on whether or not I purchase a game, in exactly the same way I don’t stop people watching films etc.

I know where you are coming from, and agree with you. I do feel that it is just an unfortunate statement of the current state of society. But I also feel that censorship is not the way to go against games.  It will have to be the whole hog. Then you will get the back-lash.

You cant win. Its either too graphic and going too far, or it’s censorship and stopping you from playing a game/watching a film etc.

I feel that reality needs to be fixed in society first. Then gaming and other entertainment will correct its self.

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