First Impression – GoW: Ascension Multiplayer Beta

God of War is coming back with it’s most mortal of stories yet in Ascension. Set ten years before the original God of War, the story will follow Kratos and his journey to break free from the bonds of Ares. I was recently given access to the Multiplayer beta proportion of the game, which I was intrigued by as to how they would implement Multiplayer into a franchise like God of War.

I should have known the answer: in the most bloodiest way possible! God of War: Ascension’s beta is filled with the gore, blood and guts that the main game oozes. As with most Multiplayer games it starts with a tutorial, allowing users to get to grips with the controls before moving onwards to the lobby. The tutorial in the beta, while not the most exciting thing, is most definitely a preview of what’s to come as they bring you through the controls, how to do kills, parries and more which will be come a fundamental part of how you win in God of War. As you will see later, I still have to learn that.

After the tutorial is over and you understand the basics of the game, you are brought to a more formal menu where you will have the ability to customize your player with armor, weapons, skills and more. Unfortunately to do that you need to be leveled and have skill points so there is no footage at this moment of that menu but it will be included in another post later down the line.

As for queues, in the beta you are given the option to either go Quick Play, which is what I selected and got with the footage below, or Game Modes where you can specify what you want to play. Currently there are Team Favor of the Gods, which is basically Team Deathmatch, Team Capture the Flag, which should be pretty obvious and 4 player version of both modes, allowing for a free for all type approach. At this time I’ve only played the Favor of the Gods mode, but as you can see below it is a hell of a lot of fun when you’re not dying a horrible, horrible death.

The God of War franchise is one which did not need Multiplayer, it was perfectly capable of being an amazing game without it. However, I’m so glad that Santa Monica Studios have taken the time to invest into the idea of Multiplayer within the God of War universe as it has added a ton of fun to the game and gives people a lot to do after they’ve finished the main game.

God of War: Ascension is out March 13th and can be per-ordered from our favorite independent retailer

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