A Gaming Noob’s Guide To Broadband

written by Gary Weeks on 6.3.13 broadband_2478077b

Are you an Xbox fan who is fed up of slow speeds or a PC gamer who gets angry when the screen freezes? Don’t worry you are not alone – there are many avid gamers out there who are simply annoyed by how their consoles work with their current broadband. Let’s face it, online gaming works best when you have a speedy connection, it’s almost impossible to play an RPG game without one. Not only is it frustrating, but many games are quite expensive so you will want to get the most for your money, not to mention playing without the feared lag. With more and more games consoles relying upon online access, gone are the days of gaming being an internet-less venture; now we can all join in the fun and enjoy the social side of the online world.

So it is almost imperative that we have the right kind of broadband for our needs. Here are the things that may need considering to make sure that you have the perfect package to be able to enjoy your games to the fullest.

Broadband speeds

As we know, broadband speeds do vary upon our location and the connections we use, for example fibre optic broadband is generally quicker than the alternatives. Your broadband will be measured in megabits per second and this simply relates to the speed and data that you can download at any one time, thus relating to your internet efficiency. It is also worth noting that even if your broadband states 4MB, you may not be getting that as it relies upon many factors, such as how far away you are from the telephone exchange you are and even what time of the day/night it is.

How fast a connection you need does really depend on the games you are playing. The recommended speed for gamers is 4Mb but this can change if you are playing online multiplayers or live streaming games. Look at your gaming habits to determine if you need more and remember that that you need to take into account constant updates and patches as well as real time gaming! If you are planning on downloading a lot of DLC (downloadable content), or playing a match of Call of Duty against 20 people then you should be looking at broadband with speeds around 10Mb.

If you don’t know what your current speed is there are many online calculators that will tell you and if you are looking to change to a faster plan then why not compare Virgin Media broadband and see what results you get.

Download Limits

As with any download, games updates and DLC will eat up your data allowance; however unlike downloading a video or music album, you may not always find out what the file size is you are downloading. It is also worth noting that when you are playing a large online match you will be downloading data almost constantly, so it is important to be aware of what download limits you may have.

The amount of data you are downloading during live games will depend on the type of game you are playing and the complexity of the game, a fact that many gamers are unaware of. As an example an online game of Call of Duty could use anywhere from 30MB – 50MB, which if used every day soon adds up to a hefty amount of data. If you are a prolific gamer then you may want to look for a deal that offers no download limits, they may be slightly more expensive but they can be very competitive.

As a gamer the main thing you need to look at is the types of games you play, how often you play them and how often you go online. This will help you determine what broadband you will need and then take the decision from there.

With fibre optic superfast broadband now available in many areas, understanding speeds and who does what becomes more important so I hope this little guide will help you out.

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